Redefine Enough has created an avenue for women to connect on a deeper level outside of blog posts and in-person events. Our hope is to create sacred space that promotes community, trust building, and sisterhood. After hearing direct requests for a space like this, we have created "The Inner Circle", an Facebook group for women in their 20's and 30's to discuss wellness & womanhood.

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episode 06: anxiety isn't a white thing

In episode 6, we're joined by Yetti from the popular blog, YettiSays. She shares her mental health journey with anxiety and how she navigated the stigma of a mental illness. Tune into her story and learn how she's creating balance and managing her anxiety.


i'm fine... i don't need therapy, right?

In 2012, I started graduate school to become a therapist. Within the first few weeks of navigating what seemed to be an endless parade of awkward mixers for faculty and students... Soon after, she inquired about my personal experience with therapy.


3 things to tuck in your purse for anxiety

Anxiety has a way of peeking it’s ugly little head into our lives when we least expect it. Whether you’re in a staff meeting or riding the bus home, you shouldn’t be left unprepared when anxiety arrives. So here are 3 things you can easily tuck into your purse to manage anxiety.