self love...

the ultimate self care practice



21 days.

21 affirmations.

21 journal prompts.

21 days of honesty + vulnerability.

21 days closer to radical self love + acceptance



For the women who know that loving yourself doesn't always come easily...

You can begin 21 days of Self Love today...


Join 21 days of self love

and be encouraged to be vulnerable about who you are; reflecting on what you love and hate about yourself through a series of challenging journal prompts and self reflections. It's the opportunity to be real about moving through unforgiveness, exploring who you are, and pushing towards unconditional love for one's self.



meet your GUIDE

Davia Roberts is a licensed therapist (LPC-I) with years of experience helping women redefine what it means to be enough in their lives, and guiding them to tap into radical self acceptance and self love. But her past struggles to love her full self are the main sources of inspiration that push her to help other young women work through the shame and walk into healing.


"I am love...

I am the walking embodiment of what it means to accept, radiate, and flow freely with love."