Recent Episodes


ep 25 Finding the courage to take a risk


ep 24 The ebbs and flows of motherhood

ep 23 Impostor Syndrome: Feeling like the ultimate fraud

ep 22 You've got questions, I've got answers


ep 21 Who's your match: Connecting with the right therapist

ep 20 Mental Health Rebound

ep 19 Family dysfunction during the holiday season


ep 18 Domestic Violence: Love shouldn't hurt

ep 17 A good therapist can be hard to find

ep 16 Our depression looks differently


ep 15 When the healing hasn't started

ep 14 When mental health is missing from the pulpit

ep 13 My sister's keeper


ep 12 Be Woke but Be Well

ep 11 I don't need therapy or do I?

ep 10 Sex Ed Crash Course


ep 09 Beware of the company you keep

ep 08 But you don't look depressed...

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ep 07 Telling my family about therapy


ep 06 Anxiety isn't a white thing

ep 05 Secondary Trauma: Caring for everyone but yourself

ep 04 Screw therapy... I'd rather have a life coach


ep 03 The power in our vulnerability

ep 02 Self Care: Soul work for survival

ep 01 Affirmations, dirty words, & mental health