Tell us how the AFFIRM audience would benefit from hearing your personal/professional experience.

*If the submission is completed by a publicist, please outline why the client is ideal for the AFFIRM podcast. Redefine Enough is less interested in TV appearances or publications and more interested in the client's passion for mental wellness and communities of color.



Be familiar with the AFFIRM podcast and Redefine Enough community.

If it is apparent that you have not listened to the AFFIRM podcast and are unfamiliar with the Redefine Enough audience, your pitch will not be selected. Prior to submitting, conduct research to determine if the podcast is a good fit or if your story would better align with a different podcast.

Be specific about the content you’d like to offer.

For each pitch, it is imperative to be specific about the content you would like to present on the AFFIRM podcast. Vague topics such as wellness or mental health will not be chosen. Please specify the unique perspective that you can bring to the show and detail a topic that you’d like to propose for an episode.

Present a topic, not a product.

The AFFIRM podcast is not accepting pitches to showcase books, coaching sessions, or other products. If the focus of the pitch is geared towards a product or service, it will not be selected. If interested in purchasing an ad to market a service or product, please email info (at)

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How will I learn if I've been selected as a guest?

Each Wednesday, pitches are reviewed. If selected as a guest, you will receive an email that provides information outlining next steps. You will have 3 business days to confirm interest in moving forward with the process.

Do I have to be a professional therapist to be selected?

No. The AFFIRM podcast is passionate is about showcasing the voices of women of color, regardless of profession.

Do I have to be a woman of color to be selected?


If my pitch is declined, may I pitch again?

If your initial pitch is declined, please wait a minimum of 90 days to pitch again. Consider ways to better highlight the unique perspective that you could bring to an episode. If the second pitch is declined, please wait another 90 days.

What if I want Davia to be a guest on my podcast?

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