10 affirmations for survivors of sexual trauma


In the United States, 1 in 3 women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetimes. In fact, most of us personally know someone who has experienced sexual trauma. It’s time we begin to recognize the prevalence of sexual trauma and make space for survivors and their healing. In honor of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we’re sharing 10 supportive affirmations written by survivors.

  1. I am making my way to the other side of this. - Manovna N.

  2. I am not responsible for how they hurt me. - Lia Epps

  3. I am reclaiming every inch of myself, moment by moment. - Anonymous

  4. This moment is dark and still I hold onto the faint light within. - Anonymous

  5. Here, I am. - Dr. Crystal Jones

  6. I don’t need validation from others to prove my truth. - Destiny G.

  7. Sometimes, victory looks like getting out of the bed. - Anonymous

  8. I can have peace in the midst of chaos. - Anonymous

  9. I quiet the voice of shame + speak peace over my life. - Davia Roberts

  10. I am whole. - Anonymous

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