15 mental health podcasts for people of color

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Podcasts are growing in popularity and some are bold enough to tackle the taboo topic of mental health in marginalized communities. Take a listen to these 15 podcasts working to end the stigma in communities of color.

Be sure to check out 5 mental health podcasts by therapists of color.


The podcast for women of color who affirm their worth, value mental health, and seek wholeness. Hosted by former therapist & creator of Redefine Enough, Davia Roberts.

Redefine Enough has an online directory for female therapists of color in Austin, TX.

Available on iTunes, SoundCloud, & GooglePlay

2. Ataque de nerves

Marbs and Scruz finally have a podcast! Hear your two favorite friends discuss mental health, pop culture, wellness, and growing up Brown in Oregon.

3. Between Sessions

[dope therapists + dope conversations] from Melanin & Mental Health. Two brown chicks changing the face of therapy on both sides of the couch.

These dope therapists created an online directory of melanated therapists.

4. Celeste the Therapist

The purpose of CelesteTheTherapist podcast is to help shift the way you think.  Many times, we get stuck in a negative cycle and struggle with getting out.  Celeste will interview guests from different backgrounds who empower people in different capacities. 

5. Fireflies Unite Podcast

Fireflies Unite Podcast With Kea, a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing light into darkness (just like the fireflies) by sharing the stories of individuals thriving with mental illness within communities of color despite the disadvantages and racism that negatively impact their mental health. The mission of the podcast is to encourage people of color to seek treatment, end the stigma and raise awareness by sharing stories. We want to show that mental illness does not have "a look"; it also includes everyday high functioning people. New episodes available every Monday.

6. Hats Off

We are two clinical social workers looking to change the stigma around mental health with lessons wrapped in comedy and truth!

7. Latinx Therapy

Latinx Therapy is a weekly podcast that discusses mental health topics related to Latinas, Latinos and Latinx individuals in efforts to demystify myths and diagnosis that truly exist. Cultural and commonly stigmatized themes will be discussed with Latinx mental health professionals, psychiatrists, doctors, bloggers, tv personalities, social media influencers, entrepreneurs and many more. Join Adriana Alejandra Alejandre, LMFT on this mission to break the stigma to learn self-help techniques, how to support ourselves or those around us that struggle with mental illnesses and to create cultural competency for other providers working with the Latinx population.

8. Minding my Black Business

Minding My BLACK Business is a podcast hosted by Dr. JaNaé Taylor exclusively for Black Entrepreneurs who are looking to engage, inform, and support other Black Entrepreneurs as they manage the business of work. It's a great balance of an entrepreneurial and mental health lens.

9. Naming It

Naming It features Bay Area Psychologists, Dr. Bedford Palmer & Dr. LaMisha Hill, who explore the intersections of Social Justice, Psychology, & Blackness. They introduce aspects of counseling psychology that are not commonly thought of, and engage listeners in a conversation about pop-culture and current events in a way that delves deeper, and focuses on how it all impacts on our lives. The Mission of Naming It is to call out the elephant in the room, and to call in the voices of social justice that are normally muted.

10. Stories of Stigma: South Asian Mental Health

MannMukti.org is a one-stop resource for South Asians to learn about and address mental health concerns with each other. MannMukti translates to “mental liberation" in Hindi. Our mission is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care. Together, let’s #SpeakUp.

11. Talking off the couch

Talking off the Couch is a podcast that focuses on mental health and mental wellness with in the community of color. Based in Dallas, Texas, Talking off the Couch was created by Tatiana Smith who is a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

12. The Black Girl Healing Project

Jennifer Sterling, Holistic Nutritionist and Creative Arts Therapy Candidate, talks with women of color about depression, anxiety,l trauma, mental illness, self-care and self-compassion. Jennifer shares her experiences with mental illness and offers tips to help women of color thrive.

13. The Evolving Chair

The Evolving Chair Podcast is hosted by Millennial Lakiesha Russell, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), whose passion is dispelling the myth about mental health and therapy. She will chat with others who  share their expertise, personal stories and more to help us all EVOLVE into our best self by encouraging physical, spiritual and mental wellness.

14. The Mindful Muslim

A discussion on mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality featuring mental health professionals.

15. What's the Remedy?

The weekly conversation about men and mental health, social issues, racial inequity and the many other contributing issues plaguing society. The prescribed antiseptic to "toxic masculinity." Hosted by Dr. J, Ashley Ray, & Day 1.

What mental health podcasts do you recommend?

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