5 mental health podcasts by therapists of color


There's no denying that mental health is highly stigmatized in communities of color. Thankfully, stigma hasn't stopped these therapists from spreading awareness through their mental health podcasts. Check out 5 dope podcasts by therapists of color.

A Different Perspective

hosted by dr. amber thornton

Join Dr. Thornton is a Pro-Black, multiculturally aware therapist whose episodes share 'a different perspective' for topics related to POC mental health, wellness, and social justice..


Therapy for Black Girls

hosted by dr. Joy Harden Bradford

You can't help but feel comforted by Dr. Joy's southern charm and sweet voice. Dr. Joy, a licensed psychologist based in Atlanta, explores all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves!

You can find episodes on iTunes, SoundCloud, & Google Play.



hosted by licensed therapist, davia roberts

You didn't think I'd write an entire blog post about mental health podcasts and not mention my own, did you??? That's silly!

If you're a woman of color who loves affirmations and wants to learn more about mental health, AFFIRM is the podcast for you.

But because I feel weird writing about my own podcast, I'll share a review from iTunes.

AFFIRM review Redefine Enough

Excerpt from "Like Listening to a friend" review

"Davia is so real and funny that it feels like I'm just sitting and listening to a friend encourage me. She challenges her listeners to care for themselves and rethink how women of color perceive mental health and come to our own experiences of mental health and wellness. Her guests are really cool and inspiring and she's not afraid to engage in difficult conversations with them. Definitely a feel good/gut check podcast for when I want to not talk and just listen."

You can find episodes on iTunes, SoundCloud, & Google Play.


Black In Therapy

hosted by nikita banks, lcsw

Nikita holds no punches. She gets straight to the nitty gritty when discussing and educating listeners about mental health. She explores the unique experience of therapy as a person of color and reassures listeners that they're not alone.

More episodes available on SoundCloud.


With that being said...

hosted by esther boykin, lmft & erica turner, ms

Listening to "With that being said" is like eavesdropping on two cool therapists as they share a private conversation about love, motherhood, and LIFE. The most amazing part is their vulnerability to share that being a therapist does not mean they have it all figured it out... Take a listen!

Available on Stitcher and iTunes.

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