7 tips for booking your self care vacation


It doesn't matter if you're a a new yogi, meditator, or writer... sometimes, our regular self-care routines don't quite cut it for difficult seasons of life. If that's the case for you, consider taking a solo self-care vacation this year.

Obviously, week-long vacations aren't ideal for everyone. You may not have the PTO or the finances to fund an all inclusive getaway... but if you can find a way, take a solo self-care vacation at least once in your life. 

Here are 7 tips for booking your first self-care vacation.

1. Stop using excuses & start searching for reasons to book your trip

There will always be a reason for you to stay at home like work, the kids, or finances. Trust me, I know you're not rich. I know that you could do other things with your time and money. But more than likely, you'll blow it on overpriced lattes at Starbucks, clothes you don't need, or loan it to people who will never pay it back. So stop looking for excuses and start thinking of the hundreds of reasons that you'll LOVE this trip.

If you have safety concerns as a solo female traveler, I understand... but please don't let the movie "Taken" be your reason for never crossing state lines. It's just not a likely possibility. Plus, use the same street smarts that you'd use in daily life. 

2. Set a theme

Location is key and really sets the theme and vibe for your trip. You can visit Costa Rica, Spain, or India and each will satisfy a different need. You could choose Costa Rica for sandy beaches or go to India for a religious retreat. Whatever your reason, be sure to research the location.

Check out reviews on TripAdvisor to help select your destination. It will make planning go a lot smoother. Plus, you'll learn helpful info from past travelers. They'll be able to suggest airport shuttles or a local, trustworthy taxi service.

iming your vacation is critical. It would suck to plan a beach get away during rainy season and be trapped in a hotel room for 5 days. So be sure to do your homework in advance. More importantly, ensure that there are no medical concerns (like a Zika virus outbreak) or safety issues by using this travel page.

3. Set a date

Setting a date is the next level of commitment.

Once you figure out the best time for your schedule, set a date and stick with it. The more you put it off, the less likely it will happen. If that means buying a non refundable plane ticket, then so be it... which brings us to the next tip...

4. Book your flight

Purchasing a flight is a serious level of commitment, a sign that you mean business... but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. You can find great flight deals if you look in advance and take advantage of companies like Southwest Airlines or sign up for notifications from AirFare Watchdog and The Flight Deal

I've even lucked up on a roundtrip ticket for $72 to Chicago for my last self-care get away via Google Flights.

5. Plan In Advance

Creating a relaxing self-care vacation requires planning and good timing. Be sure to research and book your arrangements in advance so that you're not rushing to finalize details a few days before your flight.

Arrange your spa days, hiking, and zip lining in advance. In most cases, your hotel will help you with scheduling. When you arrive, you'll just allow the self care to unfold before you.

6. Disconnect

What's the point of taking a solo trip if you still have to deal with responsibility? This is the time to let go.

So that means no work emails, family drama, or anything else that distracts from your rest and relaxation. Instead of emails and laptops, grab a book, write in a journal, or sightsee. Take advantage of this moment, it won't last forever.

7. Rest Day

Even God rested on the 7th day. Whether you're traveling across oceans or state lines, plan a day of rest before you return to "adulting." Give yourself a day or two to recuperate from traveling and ease back into your usual routine. You'll thank me later.