Book Review: Healing Through Movement

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Breakups are life changing. No matter who initiates the end of the relationship, we’re affected by the loss, for better or worse. Some breakups are easier than others, requiring less emotional energy to regroup and move on. But some will shake you to your core and leave you questioning your worth… which is why Crista Gambrell penned “Healing through movement: Getting back up after a broken heart.” 

ambrell, a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and certified personal trainer (CPT), shares her journey to reclaim her identity after a complicated relationship comes to a devastating end. Crista’s story is a reflection our humanness and how we are not immune to heartbreak.  More importantly, it's a gentle reminder that we’re not alone.

“You know those Zen-like people who seem blissfully unbothered in life?... They are genuinely grounded and centered. ...They are probably the ones that can stay friends with their exes. They love with an open heart and give life their all. Then when it’s time to let go and move on they do so with willingness and gratitude. I’m so not one of those people.”

Crista uses humor throughout her book, not so we can laugh at her expense, but so that we can see how much our “silly” reactions are normal and experienced by others too. Through the laughs, Crista emphasizes the unique process of letting go…

“Letting go is an essential part of transforming into who you were always meant to be.”

Relationships will change and transform you. How we respond to the loss, can have a positive or negative effect on our heart and mind. Thankfully, Crista discloses some of her darkest moments and shares how she reclaimed her identity through faith and fitness. Healing Through Movement isn’t a story that ends with a knight in shining armor. It’s a declaration of how to recenter and refocus after losing yourself in a relationship… and how there’s always space to learn, grow, and evolve.

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