ep 04 Screw therapy... I'd rather have a life coach

It's not often to meet a therapist and life coach who can get along. It's probably because we're tired of explaining ourselves when we hear comments like, "Isn't life coaching and therapy the same?"Short answer? No, nope, not at all.  So tune in and hear from our amazing guest host Melanie Holst Collins, a certified life coach (IPEC), and certified yoga teacher.

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Episode 4 Affirmation

“I heal others by healing myself.”
— Melanie Holst-Collins


  • Melanie's journey to life coaching
  • Factors to consider when searching for a life coach
  • Some of the reasons you may need a therapist & not a life coach

A few differences...


  • Training: Masters degree & 18+ months of supervision from more experienced clinician

  • Mental health assessment: Training Required

  • Receives training to support clients with past trauma, current concerns, and future goals.

Life Coaching

  • Training: 3 days or up to 6 months

  • Mental health assessment: Training not required

  • Receives guidance to support clients with current concerns and future goals

These are just a few differences between psychotherapy and life coaching. When making the choice, be sure to do your research and make sure that your choice has the appropriate credentials, training, and experience to best support you.