ep 14 When Mental Health is missing from the pulpit

Too few of us grew up hearing sermons that mentioned things like depression or mental health. Instead, we were told to pray about it and leave it at the altar. But what if you followed all the proper protocol but still find yourself dealing with depression or bipolar disorder? Our special guest, Ashley Hobbs shares how her shame of depression stopped her from reaching out to her church community, fearful that a spiritual deficit would be identified as the cause. Listen to her story and how she found a supportive faith community.

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Episode 14 Affirmation

Today, I reject the noise and listen for truth. I embrace the stillness necessary for wholeness. In this place, I am renewed.
— Ashley


  • Ashley's experience with mental health in the Church
  • Ways to seek support as a person of faith
  • Dealing with shame and religious doubt caused by mental health challenges



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