ep 21 Who's your match: Connecting with the right therapist

With special guest, Dr. Amber Thornton, AFFIRM discusses the challenges to connecting with the right therapist. Plus, Dr. Thornton shares her wisdom and tips about how to avoid pitfalls and wasting your time with the wrong therapist... so that you can begin the healing process with the therapist who is right for you. Tune in.

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Episode 21 Affirmation

I am healing. When I shed past hurts and disappointment, I create space for my growth and evolution.
— Davia


  • Barriers to finding a therapist
  • Historical reasons people of color have mistrust of medical professions
  • Questions to ask when searching for a therapist
  • Knowing when to terminate with a therapist


Your self care, mental/emotional health is up to you... This is an investment in yourself.
— Dr. Amber Thornton
You should be able to have an honest conversation and get what you need.
— Davia
Therapy is an investment.
— Dr. Amber Thornton

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next episode February 19th, 2018