ep 24 The ebbs and flows of motherhood

Wellness takes a unique journey as women navigate pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Writer and stay at home mother, Dara Tafakari shares her journey on how motherhood has shaped her life. Listen to her story of how she reclaims her identity through writing, self care practices, and much more.

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Episode 24 Affirmation

With disciple, I do not need more time...
I have everything I need to be my best... at my pace.
— Dara Tafakari


  • The path to motherhood: pregnancies, birth experiences, & post partum depression
  • Ways to intentionally create space for self care as a stay at home, yet creative mother
  • The evolutionary process of parenting multiple children with developing personalities and mindsets


I will not let my motherhood turn into martyrdom.
— Dara Tafakari
You can have desires outside of your children
— Davia
I will serve my family with joy but I will not erase myself to do that.
— Dara Tafakari
In certain times, I have to reclaim myself.
— Dara Tafakari

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