ep 27 Self Care is not a cure all

These days, every beauty product and diet company is using "self care" as a way to market their brands. But how can you recognize the difference between self care and self indulgence? In this episode of AFFIRM, Davia explores how to step beyond self indulgent purchases and move into holistic healing approaches that address mental and emotional needs. Tune in and learn the two important questions you need to ask when it comes to self care.

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Episode 27 Affirmation

From breath to breath, moment to moment, I am worthy… worthy of healing.
— Davia


  • The commodification of self care in the wellness realm
  • Defining self care as a holistic healing practice
  • The Art of Saying Yes and No as self care practices
  • When self-care needs to incorporate professional mental health support


When we limit self care to pampering with our friends, we miss the opportunity to create daily moments of peace & restoration in our lives.
— Davia
True self care should reach down and heal the most buried pieces of who you are.
— Davia
How can I say yes to what restores me? And no, to what depletes me?
— Davia
By recognizing the core of our needs, we grant ourselves permission to begin healing.
— Davia