ep 29 Finding my identity after divorce

First comes love, then comes marriage... and sometimes... there's divorce.

Join special guest, Brittany Melton from Summerbrook Digital Agency as she shares her journey of healing from an abusive marriage. Learn how she used her artistry, faith, and therapy to cope with depression, PTSD, and regain a sense of her identity after divorce.

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    Episode 29 Affirmation

    All I need to start over... already resides within me.
    — Brittany Melton @XOBritDear


    • Signs of an unhealthy marriage bonded by trauma
    • The trauma and shame of deciding to leave an abuse marriage and file for divorce
    • Regaining a sense of self through entrepreneurship, art, therapy and faith



    I didn’t know I could have an identity of my own & that be okay...
    — Brittany M.
    It’s not as hard to start over as you think it is.
    — Brittany M.
    Healing is always going to be uncomfortable... But courage means doing the best thing for you despite the discomfort.
    — Brittany M.