ep 33 Undocumented but not illegal

One of the most controversial topics during elections stems around immigration. Tune into today's episode to join Davia and special guest, Zelma, who shares her story of being an undocumented immigrant to naturalized citizen and doctoral candidate.

Learn the nuances of the immigration process and see the connection between identity, self-worth, mental health, and coping skills.

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Episode 33 Affirmation

I will grow wherever I am planted.
— Davia @justdavia


  • Coping with deportations

  • Curating safe spaces online and offline

  • Mental wellness implications for immigrants

  • The impact of trauma through the lens of immigration



Even though I’m a naturalized citizen now, I get reminded constantly that I’m not a first class citizen.
— Zelma
It’s so empowering and so healing to get to the point where you can talk about it (immigration trauma).
— Zelma
I’ve learned that I matter... the emotions that I use are valuable... to just give that away to anyone is not going to help me in the long run.
— Zelma


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