ep 37 Healers for Hire

So in the age of wellness and personal development, a lot of us are seeking information to grow and heal from emotional and physical pain, right? You're looking for someone to show you the way to transform and change your life. And as the demand for that grows, the number of self proclaimed healers seems to skyrocket. So the well intentioned and the flat out scammers all look alike on your Instagram and Twitter feeds.

And with so many #healers, it's hard to know who's really in it for the right reasons. So today I want to discuss how the idea of being someone's healer can be problematic, but also cover the range of everything from an unaddressed savior complex to deliberately exploiting people's vulnerability to also recognizing the need for us to take responsibility in our own healing process. And I hope you're ready for that part of it too. So this isn't a "call out" episode but more of a "call in" for all of us.


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Episode 37 Affirmation

I will not wait for someone to save me.
I have the power to begin my healing journey today.
— Davia Roberts


  • The dangerous commodification of #healers in the wellness sphere

  • Cultural appropriation used in attempts to market healing practices

  • Accountability within the wellness spaces

  • Taking an active role in our healing journeys



Others may act as a guide and be a healing vessel... but we have more power than we recognize.
— Davia
Once we realize that we have power in the process, that’s when things begin to shake loose and change in our lives.
— Davia
Healing is a collaborative experience. We have to be willing to do the work.
— Davia
When we seek someone to be our healer, we suppress our own ability to do healing work within ourselves.
— Davia
Sharing the same skin color, language, or cultural background is not enough for your healing journey. Our healing is guided not by shared experience, but someone’s ability to wisely guide us through emotional work.
— Davia