ep 38 Who gets to be a woman of color in wellness spaces

In today's episode, we are joined by special guest, Seher, and we discuss who gets to be a woman of color in wellness spaces. Now the term WOC has risen in popularity in recent years, essentially replacing the term “minority or minority women.” Now, this term is not new, especially when it comes to activist spaces. However, the use of this term has extended beyond activist spaces and has become part of our everyday vernacular. We can see its use in magazine articles, marketing campaigns, and social media. But with that, there seems to be confusion about who this term is actually addressing. Is this term for Black women, Latinas, Asian women, Indigenous women? Who is the term for and who does it benefit?

In fact, when I asked the questions “How do you use the term WOC and how do you believe others use it?” I was presented with varying responses. Take a listen and hear what women had to say..


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Episode 38 Affirmation

I am Bountiful, I am Blissful, I am Beautiful.
— Genevieve J. (patreon supporter)


  • Discuss history of the term “Women of Color” and its current use

  • Explore how lack of clarity to express who spaces are intended for can unintentionally lead to harm

  • Identify ways to use solidarity with intentionality



It’s all about wanting to feel seen and safe,
— Seher
We need to be able to know what what space is actually safe for us and where we’re actually wanted... not just allowed but wanted.
— Davia
[WOC] is not meant to be a dilution or a catch all for all our individual and distinct experiences. There are certain places where we overlap and and there are many, many, many, where are our struggles and our challenges, our experiences, and our strengths and weaknesses are distinct... And there is merit then in using that overall banner to come together and support the subgroups within that...
— Seher
If we want to heal, we need to feel safe.
— Davia