ep 40 Birth Control: The pill and holistic alternatives

Today, we're discussing birth control. The discussion of female reproductive health is highly politicized and while we’re still fighting to have autonomy over access to healthcare for a myriad of reproductive needs… there’s another wellness issue at hand: ...miseducation or a total lack of education about the best options for our bodies.

I’m specifically referring to birth control, how it works, and the tons of options that we can use naturally or through medication. Because while women’s bodies are constantly the topic of conversation, many women are sharing how they received very little education about the inner workings of their bodies outside of the “Don’t get pregnant” message pushed by parents, schools, and abstinence programs. This lack of education leads many women to not know how to advocate for their needs or have awareness of different options.

And when you don’t know your body and you don’t know your options, you can’t make informed decisions about the right doctors or medications. So today, we’ll be joined by an amazing educator who will help us understand our options and why we need to do our homework.

Now without further ado, I’m glad to share that I’m being joined by Cindy Luquin, a reproductive justice activist and fertility coach.

DISCLAIMER: While we’re discussing women’s reproductive health, we are not acting as your doctors. Always seek the advice and support of your physician or other qualified health provided for your particular situation..

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Episode 40 Affirmation

When I turn down the noise, I can hear what’s best for me.
— Davia Roberts


  • Cindy shares her experience with birth control and what motivated her to become a fertility coach

  • We discuss the pros and cons of birth control, natural and hormonal medications

  • Identify different ways to continue learning about the female body and reproductive health



Once I discovered this information..I realized... I actually know what my body is doing more than my own doctors.
— Cindy
Do what feels good for you in this time and in this space when it comes to protecting your health.
— Davia