Self Care for Valentine's Day Giveaway

i am mine.
before i am anyone else’s.
— Nayyirah Waheed

How easy is it to forget our genuine selves when we we’re consumed by the presence of another?

We’ve all watched a friend lose herself as she fought to maintain the interest of a suitor. She made herself smaller to accommodate the life of someone else, making her dreams and desires less of a priority. Unconsciously, she made the decision that his worth was more valuable. She became someone to be molded, shrunken, and changed at a moment’s notice. She forgot that she was her own… that she held the power to be the woman she desired.

So as Valentine’s Day nears, I encourage you to create spaces to process past relationships. Your timelines may be flooded with reminders of your singleness or past hurt and it can be triggering as you mourn heartache. I encourage you to make space to be vulnerable and experience the full range of your emotions this year. You may find it therapeutic to journal your feelings towards a relationship, observations about your growth, or hopes for the future.

This small act can be a form of reclaiming who you are and celebrating the beautiful pieces that make up who you are. See the beauty in who you are, despite what you experienced in past relationships. As you navigate through the healing process, engage in self-care. Do what you need to take care of mind, body, and heart.

As always, I want to honor this time of year by hosting an annual Self Care for Valentine’s Day giveaway.

This year, Redefine Enough will give away a sample kit from Bubble Head, an organic, natural skincare line. In addition, the winner will receive a “Self Care is Important as F#&k” print and the “Sassy” print by Kenyasreign.

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