It's easy to hide our shame and hurt in the shadows as we grow accustomed to wearing masks to convince others that we're "fine." All the while, we're carrying pasts of abuse, suicidal thoughts, and mental illness. But Ka'Lyn Coghill isn't silencing her pain any longer...


episode 12: when mental health is missing from the pulpit

Too few of us grew up hearing sermons that mentioned mental health. Instead, we were told to pray about it and leave it at the altar.  Our special guest, Ashley Hobbs shares how her shame of depression stopped her from reaching out to her church community. Check out her story!

5 mental health podcasts by therapists of color

There's no denying that mental health is highly stigmatized in communities of color. Thankfully, stigma hasn't stopped these therapists from spreading awareness through their mental health podcasts. Check out 5 dope podcasts by therapists of color.

Redefine Enough has created an avenue for women to connect on a deeper level outside of blog posts and in-person events. This sacred space promotes community, trust building, and sisterhood through "The Inner Circle", a Facebook group for women of color in their 20's and 30's to discuss wellness & womanhood.