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mental health check up & checklist

One thing that artists, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs usually have in common is a sense of independence. This independence coupled with ambition is what makes so many people successful...but it can also lead to isolation and premature burn out. 

With the mental health check up, you'll get honest and figure out if you're dealing with mental exhaustion and burn out. This will help you identify sources of your stress. As you gain insight about your wellness challenges, you'll be able to apply the knowledge from the webinar in practical ways to create a more balanced life.

live webinar

Join Redefine Enough for a live webinar on Thursday, March 1st at 6:30 pm cst.

In this hour webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • demystify self care and destress without going broke
  • identify affordable/free resources to expand mindfulness practices for anxiety
  • connect with affordable and culturally appropriate therapists to meet your needs
  • reprioritize your schedule so you can meet your goals in a timely fashion & practice self care


meet your host

Davia Roberts is a licensed therapist with years of experience helping people create balance in their lives. As a therapist, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, she knows firsthand the different challenges that creatives face trying to build the perfect career.


She's seen people crash and burn because they didn't know how to pause and reset.


With a desire to see more people live whole lives, she's sharing some of her knowledge and wisdom to help you live a successful and well life.