(MIND)ful is a 6 week group that allows women of color to use the body and mind as healing elements through the practice of mindfulness and vulnerability. 



Each group will begin with a prompt and lead into an hour discussion exploring womanhood and wellness.


Yoga Flow

After each discussion, members will be led in a gentle yoga flow that incorporates themes mentioned in discussion. The yoga flow will accommodate all levels and may be coupled with meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).


Writing & Reading Exercises

Outside of group, attendees will be provided with mindfulness exercises that include journaling, reading, and breathing exercises to benefit their overall wellness.

group facilitator.png

Meet your group facilitator

Davia is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and licensed therapist based in Austin, TX. She has practiced yoga off and on since the age of 16. Yoga became more consistent in her life as she navigated secondary trauma and tried to create more balance in her life.

In September of 2017, she took the leap to become a certified yoga teacher with plans of using yoga to help women of color address mental health concerns, trauma, and create balanced lives through mindfulness practices.


Is (MIND)ful a counseling group?

No, (MIND)ful is a mental health discussion group for women of color that incorporates mindfulness practices like yoga, pranayama, and journaling. This is not psychotherapy. If you would like references for individual or group counseling, please access our directory.


When does the group begin?

The series begins on January 20th with an online questionnaire and introduction to yoga. The group meetings will begin January 27th and will conclude February 24th between 11 am to 1 pm. The group will take place in South Austin at Focus Counseling. 


What level of yoga should I expect?

The yoga flows will be for ALL levels. We will incorporate modifications based on skill level. Please go at your own pace.


Am I expected to attend each group?

Yes. Our intention is to create a group that learns and grows together. If you are interested in (MIND)ful we ask that you make a commitment to attend each group. Consistent attendance allows for attendees to develop a stronger bond and explore deeper themes related to wellness and womanhood. As a result, we will not offer 1 day passes.


How do I join?

To join (MIND)ful, please click HERE and complete the purchase for the 6 week series.