We’re raising $5,000 for the

Redefine Enough Mental Health Scholarship Fund

Help Redefine Enough raise $5,000 by our 4th anniversary 7/20/19.

Update: As of June 9, 2019, $650 has been generously donated. Thank you to all supporters.

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Here’s what your donation provides…

$2500 scholarship for (1) graduate student in a counseling program

$1250 donations towards therapy sessions for (2) women of color


With your donation…

1 more woman of color can enter the field with less debt and worry, giving her the chance to provide communities of color with the support and mental health treatment we deserve.


2 more women of color can stop stressing about $$ and finally go to therapy or meet with a psychiatrist. Money won’t be a barrier to their healing.


Redefine Enough has a history of showing up for others!

2016: We raised $300 and donated 21 boxes of maxi pads, 20 boxes of tampons, and 2 reusable cups for houseless women in Austin, TX.

2017: We raised over $225 for supplies to support Hurricane Harvey residents.

Let’s make our last community fundraiser the biggest one ever!

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This chapter of our story may be ending… but our legacy will continue with each and every one of you.

Be part of our legacy and donate today.