suicide allyship beyond hashtags

In light of recent suicides, it is critical for Redefine Enough to make space and explore how to serve as an ally beyond a hashtag, tweet, or facebook post when someone dies by suicide.

We deserve more, we can do more.

live discussion

Join Redefine Enough for a live discussion on Sunday, June 10th at 6:00 pm EST.

In this discussion, we'll cover:

  • the importance of language when discussing suicide
  • identify affordable/free resources for someone with active suicidal thoughts
  • connect with affordable and culturally appropriate therapists before a crisis
  • ways to broach the topic of suicide with a friend


meet your host

Davia Roberts is a licensed therapist with years of experience helping people create balance in their lives. As a former trauma therapist, Davia shares how to support loved ones navigating suicidal thoughts from her personal and professional experiences. There are no magic words that make suicide disappear but together we can make the discussion less intimidating.


Suicidal thoughts are not caused by lack of mental strength, faith, or morality. It's a sign that life is beyond painful & you need more...